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A Message From Our Team and Founders

To our community,

We at Monday stand in solidarity with Black Lives Matter. We don’t just believe in it - we are committed to taking action and work towards long-term change. We have put our content on pause to use this time to educate ourselves about how we can do more to combat systemic racism.

We have a responsibility to demand action from ourselves, our collaborators and our customers and, as such, we’ll be using this time to understand how, as a company, we can better contribute to creating desperately needed change, starting from within.

Diversity is one of the founding principles of our company. We do cast a racially diverse runway, campaign models and influencer community. We have inclusive hiring even within our small team and want to empower women as a women owned and run company. However, we have come to realize there is so much more we can do to be a part of this change.

To start with we have donated to various organizations such as ACLU, Black Lives Matter and The LoveLand Foundation and will be looking into ways to add to this in coming weeks. We also know that voting is one of the most important ways we can use our voices, and we will be giving every member of our team the time to go and use theirs. Our employees will have a full day off to cast their votes on election days.

2020 has been a historic year and we are eager to continue to fight for change. During this time, we have been sharing resources in our stories to help give our community the tools to take action and we encourage the same from you, our followers and our customers. We are continuing to listen and meet with our diverse group of employees, we are hearing the feedback of our customers and we are paying attention to the information that surrounds us. Through conversation, we believe we can better enlighten each other and create real, effective change. We thank you for starting these important conversations. We are here to listen and learn.

Most importantly, we acknowledge that our feed lacks diversity at this time and vow for Monday to continue to promote inclusivity and diversity. We want to be a proactive brand and hope, even as a small swimwear brand, that we can be a part of this important movement and change!

- Natasha Oakley, Devin Brugman and the Monday Swim Team.

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