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Meet Our Photographer

No other photographer understands the female form and how to capture it in all its beauty like her. Emily, is truly a part of the Monday team and we all admire not only her work but her down to earth, light hearted and hilarious personality! Plus she also looks REALLY good in Monday Swim.

With over a decade of experience in photography, Emily Abay’s work embodies femininity, and a natural flow on sun lit curves that epitomizes the sensuality of women. Working mainly as a commercial fashion and advertising photographer, Abay has been seen in such magazines as Vogue and Harpers Bazaar and countless international advertising campaigns.

She was once told that photography is just painting with light, and from then on the world became her canvas, with her camera as her brush. She focuses her vision on sexuality in a unique way that is beautiful to women and sends a positive message about self image.

Here are some questions we had for her:

1. How did you get into photography?
I started properly when I was 18. My mother is a photographer and we had a dark room and an abundance of equipment at home I could use. I learned a lot from my mother, probably for the most part unintentionally, but I’m so grateful for the knowledge and skills I've developed.

2. How did you become the Monday Swimwear campaign photographer?
I met Tash and Devin through a cover story we were shooting and I guess they liked me haha.

3. How do you draw inspiration for each shoot?
Honestly everywhere! It would be as simple as seeing kids skateboarding on the street, or a movie I might have seen over weekend. We are all surrounded by inspiration.

4. What do you love about working with the Monday Swimwear team?
The energy is amazing between us all, we genuinely have the best time! Everyone knows their role, and we all really want to be there. It’s not just a job, this doesn’t feel like work, it’s so rewarding in so many ways. A bit part of the love between us all is the trust. The team trusts that I will give my everything and produce beautiful imagery and I trust them back. We’re very loyal to each other and a lot of care and heart goes into what we do as a team.

5. What is your favorite Monday swimsuit?
Capri for me!!

6. How do you balance a healthy/fit lifestyle while working?
I am always conscious to try to keep some sort of consistency and routine while I travel, it’s important for my mind to keep fit and schedule in exercise when I’m traveling. I always bring resistance bands, a skipping rope and good music with me everywhere I go and I request healthy meals so I make sure my diet is on point!

7. What is your advice for aspiring photographers?
Just keep at it, expect to fail, expect to be rejected, expect people won’t like your work. But don’t be discouraged, like anything, reward is in perseverance and don’t be afraid when you don’t receive instant gratification. It takes time, experimenting, learning and consistency. 

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