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All About Fit

Monday Swimwear celebrates women with various body shapes. We understand that all bodies are unique and our mission is to create suits that flatter all different body types. We want the women underneath the suits to feel flattered, supported, and their most confident.

Our Fit Guide

Monday Swimwear understands that all bodies are unique and our mission is to create suits that celebrate all different body types and let individuality shine. That’s why we obsess about fit and don’t overlook a single detail. Click to see our fit guide and recommendations so you can find your perfect fit!

Fit For Everyone

AAA - G Cups

Shopping for a bikini should feel empowering, not intimidating. That’s why we obsess about fit, so you can get back to having fun. We have suits to flatter all kinds of figures and we don’t overlook a single detail. The straps of our suits are created to add lift without digging in, tops are reinforced so you get the support you need, and bottoms are designed to sit at just the right spot to flatter your curves.

With every suit we make, our priority it to help you look good and feel your most confident. We have a group of women test each new style and give us their feedback. This let us create the best possible fit for every figure and an entire range that lets women shine.  If a suit isn’t comfortable, supportive, and flattering, it doesn’t go into production.

  • Our Sizing

  • P


  • S


  • M


  • M/V

    Medium Body / V Top

  • L


  • V


  • VV

    Very Voluptuous

  • VVV

    Very Very Voluptuous

The V Range

We believe that you shouldn’t have to buy swimwear in  “extra large” just because you are curvaceous, so we renamed XL & XXL sizes to “V” for Voluptuous and “VV” for Very Voluptuous to better represent the women wearing them.

The “V” size range started as the answer to DDD-G cup tops that don’t sacrifice style for comfort and support. Monday Co-Creator, Devin Brugman has always struggled to find swimwear that was supportive enough for her DDD cup bust. Her mission with the “V’ Range is to provide women with classy, chic, and comfortable suits for larger cup sizes. Naturally, the next step was to expand this range. We are proud to design bottoms, one pieces and beachwear suited for those size 12-18 US.

All of our V Range suits are sampled and fitted according to cup and dress size for production, rather than being scaled up from a small sample size as per industry standard. This ensures that our V Range suits have the correct coverage, support, and design elements larger sized swimwear usually lack.

Shop V Range

Size Chart

Cup Size MS Size
Dress Size MS Size
0-2 P
6 S
8 M
10 L
12 V
14 VV
16-18 VVV
Dress Size MS Size
0-2 // AAA-A P
2-4 // A-D S
6-8 // B-DD M
10-12 // D-DDD L
14-16 // DDD-E V
16-18 // E-G VV
4-8 // DDD-E M/V (M body / V top)
Beachwear / Clothing MS Size
0-2 P
0-6 P/S (tunic/kaftan)
4-6 S
6-8 M
8-12 M/L (tunic/kaftan)
12-14 L
16-18 V

Our Fit Solutions

In between sizes?

If you’re between sizes, keep in mind the coverage you want. In general, we would suggest sizing down in our swimwear if you are between sizing since swimwear can stretch slightly overtime. However, if you prefer less coverage or more push -up like Tash does with her tops, we recommend sizing down.

Extra support

Our Palma and Tulum tops have removable padded cup inserts to enhance your shape and bust. Our Clovelly and Maui tops both include an underwire for perfect cleavage. The Aruba Top has thick straps to keep pressure and paid off your shoulders.

Unique One Pieces

Our M/V one piece sizing was created for the girls with Devin’s figure. The top of the one piece will fit everyone with an E cup and up and the body fits a medium dress size. If you have a longer torso and are looking for a one piece, we have something coming just for you in early October. In the meantime, we wouldn’t recommend sizing up to get length.